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    Sangli, Maharashtra


In this project water is proposed to be lifted from Hingangaon Talav which is fed by Tembhu Lift Irrigation Scheme. Water from Hingangaon talav is lifted by 4.16km 900mm HDPE rising main and delivered into Main Delivery Chamber of 2000 cum capacity. Secondary pumping and centralised self-cleaning filtration unit is proposed at MDC. From secondary pumping unit primary HDPE/PVC pipe distribution network is proposed to the block level. (Block of approx. 40-45 acre area). From Block level secondary PVC piping network is provided up to the farm level. Sectional (each section is of approx. 4 acre area) automated drip system is provided at farm level and total area of 2009 acre is covered under subsurface drip irrigation.

Project Components

1) Centralised self-cleaning filtration units at pumping unit.

2) HDPE/PVC Pipe Distribution Network from centralised pumping unit to Block level (Approx. 40-45 acre area of each block).

3) Secondary PVC Pipe Distribution network from block level to each farmer level.

4) Drip Irrigation System (2009 Acre area).

5) Web based, wireless Irrigation management system through “ Jain IrriCare ” .

6) Training to the farmers/WUA’s.

Cost - Benefi t comparison JIIS V/s Canal Irrigation (Cane Agro)

Sr. Parameter Traditional (Piped + On Farm Flow) System Jain Integrated Irrigation Solution System (Piping Network + on Farm Drip Irrigation)
1 Project Area, Acre 2009 2009
2 Project Cost, Rs. Million 275.1 364.0
3 Project Cost, Rs./Acre 1,36,817 1,81,042
4 Irrigation Efficiency 59% 90%
5 Water Required, Mm3 17.36 11.51
6 Anticipated Crop Yield as Per Project Cropping pattern, MT 60317 120635
7 Water Productivity, kg/m3 3.47 10.48
8 Expected Gross Income, Rs. Million 138.61 277.24
9 Net Income, Rs./Acre 170,297 340,593
10 Value Creation Efficiency, Rs./m3 * 7.98 23.27