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There is more to Jain Irrigation than Irrigation. Jain Piping Division is the largest producer & exporter of Thermoplastic piping systems for all conceivable applications with pipes ranging from 3 mm to 2500 mm in diameter and in pressure ratings ranging from 1.00 kgf/cm² to 16 kgf/cm² and above.

The pipes are manufactured to conform to IS, DIN, ISO, ASTM, TEC and other customised specifications. The Piping Division includes PE, PVC Pipes and Fittings catering to the urban and rural infrastructure needs of the country apart from irrigation needs of the farmers. Jain PE Pipes & fittings are available as per the major Indian & International Standard Specification.

Jains also offer complete services for Polyethylene (PE) & PVC Piping Systems on Turn-Key basis which includes Site Survey, Design, Selection of Material, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Training in most economical way supported by a large pool of experienced Scientists, Technicians & Engineers.

Integrated Irrigation Solutions

Jain is promoting a major initiative to convert the existing canal command areas into “Jain Integrated Irrigation Solutions (JIIS)”, wherein the irrigation efficiencies can be increased up to 75% which is double as compared to irrigation efficiency of conventional systems. Under the umbrella of Jain Integrated Irrigation Solutions (JIIS), ‘Resource to Root”™ is a concept which enables us to achieve ‘Water Use Efficiency’ up to 95% and results in increased water factor productivity multiple times. Further, farmers will be benefited by increased yields & reduced input costs, importantly the government can deal with major challenges - land acquisition, rehabilitation, soil health & deterioration etc.

For centuries distribution of water for irrigation has been restricted to canal based irrigation systems. A well-defined science is developed for design, construction and operation of the canal system. Efforts and upgrades are done to improve conveyance efficiency of canals. However, with all these improvements water conveyance through the canal still has inevitable limitations like it has remained as a supply based system & very low water use efficiency. Automation and mechanisation of canal systems has helped to improve operational schedules to some extent but it failed to answer major issues like equitable distribution for large and complex irrigation projects, limited life of canal system and overall low productivity are also some of the issues still remaining.

On-Demand Drinking Water Solutions

The continuous water supply (24x7) with constant positive pressure is the most appropriate way to achieve the objectives of sustainable cities. The supply of potable water to end users is ensured through MDPE / HDPE piping network which is always full of water and with positive pressure so that users may draw the water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and this is being monitored by using a smart metering system.

Jain is the largest manufacturer of HDPE/MDPE pipes and a total solution provider (concept to commissioning) in the field of water supply and distribution. Jain Irrigation is manufacturing PE/HDPE/MDPE pipes & fittings up to 2500mm outer diameter.

Jain offers a total solution for drinking water supply, which includes consumer survey, site topographic survey, designing, manufacturing and testing of pipes and fittings, supply, installation at site, hydro testing and commissioning, operation and maintenance and training in the most economical way supported by a large pool of engineers. Jain has successfully implemented the new concept of 24x7 water supply schemes in a number of cities across India.

Climate Smart Agricultural Solutions

Climate smart agricultural solution is a combination of engineering, plant science, and smart greenhouse control technologies used to optimize plant growing systems, plant quality, and production efficiency.

In climate smart agricultural solutions growing produce within a closed ecosystem and managing numerous variables. The purpose behind this method is to reduce the threat of diseases and pests, maximize efficiency, increase sustainability and yield, and also to bring down the overall cost of operation. Automation techniques are often optimised in order to have greater control over numerous factors of farming. This includes applying automation techniques on the humidity, light, carbon dioxide levels, temperature, and nutrition.

Solar Powered Pumping Solutions

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., being an irrigation & solar expert, provides tailor made solar solutions for higher capacities more than 37 kW (50 hp) solar pumping stations used in agricultural and water supply sectors. JISL provides the solution as per the requirement and site conditions without constraint of duty points i.e. head and discharge. To achieve the desired pumping capacity, several pumps are connected in parallel and its operation is controlled by PLC. JISL has in house capacity to design & develop the electrical and control panels required for high capacity pumping. The high capacity solar pumping station contains various sub systems like solar power generation system, power conversion system, power controlling system, hydraulic controlling system, filtration system, electrical & hydraulic safety and protection system and SCADA system. There are various options available for high capacity pumping stations like stand alone solar pumping, solar and grid dual supply mode, grid sharing mode and grid feed mode. These options are configured to achieve long term sustainable project viability. Jains is the only company across the world who provides high capacity solar pumping solutions.

Re-use of treated Waste Water

The living standards of rural populations can be drastically improved by supplying irrigation water for their agricultural needs. As a first priority, most of the water in the dams, reservoirs, rivers is allocated for meeting urban drinking water needs and demand for agricultural water is only after this.

For rapid development in agriculture, there is a concern for use of treated wastewater. Treated sewage water invariably can be used for irrigation as microbial load is removed. In 2016, the state of Punjab in India became the first state to use treated water for irrigation purposes which has created an alternate source of irrigation water in the State thereby reducing direct demand on ground water resources. Jain Irrigation has completed this project in Punjab.

In this project, the treated waste water from STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) has been conveyed through a network of underground PE pipelines up to agricultural fields. The required quality of treated water is maintained before it is supplied to the farm.

Solar Power Generation & Pumping Systems

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. is one of the top solar companies which has vertically integrated manufacturing facilities and provides end to end solar solutions for all solar products/ systems. Jain is the Largest solar company in distributed and centralised solar power generation serving more than 1,00,000 of solar customers across India.

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. (JISL) had started its solar division in 1994 with a solar water heater business. The current product range includes Solar PV modules, Solar pumps, solar off grid power plants, solar rooftop grid connected plants, solar water heating systems, LED based home lighting, LED based street lighting, LED lanterns, and turnkey projects based on all the above products. All these products are in harmony with the group’s mission, "Leave This World Better Than You Found It".

Plumbing and drainage Solutions

Plumbing System in its totality is the system of pipes and fittings for the distribution of potable water at adequate pressure which can be used for drinking purposes and the disposal of wastewater from all the fixtures.

JAIN Plumbing System brings you an entire range of comprehensive building products including CPVC, uPVC ASTM, uPVC ISI, SWR and UDS piping system making it an ideal solution for all residential and commercial plumbing piping.

Jain Plumbing System offers pipes and fittings which are easy to install, economical, safe for drinking, corrosion resistant and with lower bacterial growth and are manufactured in line with major national and international standards and parameters. The main intent and effort is to provide stringent quality & sustainable plumbing piping solutions for a long and healthy life.