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Pipes are vital and valuable community assets and are also a central aid for development of infrastructure and public utilities. Piping systems must be built in order to serve the growing demand for energy, access to safe water and sanitation. Durable piping solutions are required to eliminate losses, save energy and to serve communities better. All our products manufactured at JISL are meant for infrastructure and public utilities. These are of high grade, high performance materials and contribute to the production of high-quality, durable and leak-proof network systems.

PVC / PE piping systems are preferred materials for water infrastructure & play a vital role in clean water delivery. JISL provides PE Pipes, PVC Pipes, Plumbing pipes, Solar systems, filtration systems, landscape systems and drinking water system facilities.

Plumbing Systems

The plumbing products are for the building and construction industry, residential and commercial complexes, townships, high rise buildings, hospitals, industrial plumbing, industrial projects water supply system, swimming pools, rising and distribution mains for civic amenities, potable water supply systems for urban and rural population, underground drainage/sewerage systems for municipal and government projects, industrial effluent conveyance for manufacturing and process facilities, storm water drainage system for infrastructure sector.

Sewerage Systems

JISL from its noble range brings to you JAIN PVC Underground Drainage Systems. Jain Plumbing PVC UDS system is the ideal piping solution for all your Underground Drainage and Sewerage requirement in Residential and Commercial Colonies, Townships, Urban and Rural Domestic Sewerage transmission. Jains PVC UDS Piping system are manufactured as per major national & international standards and parameters.

JAIN’s PVC Underground Drainage & Sewerage Pipes are ideal to carry all the soil and waste water through underground channels from multi storeyed buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, institutions, complexes etc. to sewers or to the point of disposal. Jain Plumbing UDS system is available in size range from 110 mm to 630 mm with stiffness classes of SN-2 KN/m2, SN-4 KN/m2, SN-8 KN/m2 and conforms to IS 15328. These pipes are available both in Rubber Ring Socket & Plain Socket types in standard length of 3 & 6 meters. These pipes have excellent earth load bearing strength, corrosion resistance, durability (50+ years life), watertight joints, minimize excavation cost, Hygienic & Safe, Light in weight and are economical.

Drainage Systems

There are two types of drainage systems: storm water drains and sanitary water sewers.

Storm drains are open drains on streets, parking lots, roofs, and any other surfaces that receive rain water. Storm drains discharge water, as well as pollutants and litter it picks up.

Sanitary sewers collect the wastewater generated inside buildings, such as sink, shower and toilet discharges. The wastewater is then transported through the sewer system to the municipal wastewater treatment plant, where it is treated before being discharged.

Jain Plumbing high quality Plumbing pipes and fittings are manufactured in line with major national & international standards and parameters. The range encompasses both Solvent Welded and Threaded piping pertaining to various applications from residential and commercial to industrial plumbing.

Waste Water Systems

PE being an inert material, it is unaffected by most chemicals, be it acidic or alkaline. The advantage of using a single raw material without any additives for manufacturing the pipes with monolithic joints made with fusion of the pipe materials has enabled a vacuum sewerage system. This has reduced the burial depth as well as the diameter of the pipes used as compared to conventional gravity sewerage systems leading to reduction of system cost enormously along with saving of time and CO2 emissions. The installation or rehabilitation of a sewer system mains can be significantly faster and easier with PE pipes. This is primarily due to PE pipe’s lighter weight, ease of handling, and its suitability for trenchless technologies like pipe bursting or horizontal directional drilling. Because of its flexibility, PE pipe can be shaped during its installation to curve around obstructions and angles without difficulty. Its light weight allows for pulling long assembled lengths of the pipe through long difficult tunnels under roads and structures with little effort at greatly reduced costs. These benefits and many others make it an ideal choice for sewage piping solutions.

Rainwater Harvesting System

In this system, rainwater is captured, conveyed and stored for later use in industry. Implementing rainwater harvesting at each industrial building is beneficial because it reduces immediate demand on existing water supply, and reduces surface run-off in industrial areas, reduces ground erosion, and contamination of surface water along with industrial chemicals.

The rainwater collected can be used for nearly any purpose in an industry that requires water. These include landscape use, storm water control systems and toilet flushing and garden-lawn watering, in-house water uses in industrial buildings for sanitary purposes, and fire protection etc.

Water collected is available for immediate use for applications like landscaping (irrigating gardens/lawns), non-potable consumption (washing/ cleaning/ cooling). PE Pipes, PE fittings and Jain Filtrain Filter System along with water storage facilities like tanks, wells and soak- pit (recharge well) are required for rain water harvesting from the industrial terrace or industrial sheds.

Jain Filtrain Rain Water Harvesting Filter by JISL has the added benefit of water collection from industrial sheds / terrace and accumulation along with the piping system and storage facility.

Drinking water Systems

Drinking water is a basic need of the society and also an essential commodity. The drinking water supply system in place can ensure delivery of safe water, regularly to each consumer with better quality of drinking water for good public health. The demand for clean water is a big challenge to municipalities worldwide. As cities continue to expand, the demand for cost-effective water supply and distribution, therefore becomes important.

The network of leak-proof MDPE / HDPE pipes are used to supply the water to different supply zones/areas. The water supply connections (also called House Service Connections - HSC) to each consumer are classified as non-domestic (commercial, cultural centres, industrial or institutional, Government establishments), stand posts and domestic or residential connections. The components of the drinking water supply system consists of pipes, fittings, House Service Connections HSC, valves, pumps, storage tanks, SCADA / monitoring & controlling systems, water meters, water treatment plants etc.

Solar Powered Systems

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. is one of the top solar companies which has vertically integrated manufacturing facilities and provides end to end solar solutions for all solar products/ systems. Jain is the Largest solar company in distributed and centralised solar power generation serving more than 1,00,000 of solar customers across India.

Filtration System

Water is not found in its purest form in nature. It is always contaminated with physical, chemical & biological impurities. Proper filtration is of much importance to prevent low pressure diffuser like emitters from clogging. Our wide range of water filters are standing like watchdogs to protect your system from clogging hazards.

Filtration system is the heart of the micro irrigation system. Filter is an insurance to guard against debris entering your irrigation system. There are different types of filters used for irrigation like sand separators, media filters, screen filters and disc filters. These filters are used for different types of impurities found in different types of water sources.

Sprinkler Irrigation

Acurain Sprinkler has to deliver supplemental water when rainfall is not sufficient to maintain the turfgrass and plant materials to meet their intended purpose. A quality irrigation system and its proper management are required to efficiently distribute water in a way that adequately maintains plant health while conserving and protecting water resources and the environment. Acurain sprinklers deliver water precisely and efficiently to maintain the function and purpose of the managed landscape while complying with any local limitations and requirements.

24/7 Drinking water Solutions (Turnkey Basis)

The continuous water supply (24x7) with constant positive pressure is the most appropriate way to achieve the objectives of sustainable cities. The supply of potable water to end users is ensured through the PE / MDPE / HDPE piping network which is always full of water and with positive pressure so that users may draw the water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and this is being monitored by using a smart metering system.

JISL offers total solution for drinking water supply on turnkey basis, which includes consumer survey, site topographic survey, designing of water supply pipelines, manufacturing and testing of PE pipes & fittings, supply & installation of PE piping network at site, hydro testing and commissioning, operation and maintenance and training in the most economical way supported by a large pool of engineers. Jain has successfully implemented the concept of 24x7 water supply schemes in a number of cities across India.

Offshore Piping Systems

Jain PE piping systems have been increasingly used for various marine offshore applications such as in seawater desalination plant’s intake & outfall pipelines, effluent disposal outfalls pipelines. PE pipes are best suited for seawater intake and seawater outfall pipelines because of its flexibility, stronger joints and inertness to high salt content.

Other beneficial features like light weight, floatation properties, pipe to pipe joints stronger than the pipe itself, flexibility of the pipe, convenient short cold bending radius, adequate ring stiffness, strain-ability due to PE’s high strain capacity, adjustment capacity to various external forces generated by wave and current action of the sea, ocean, river or lake water bodies under which the pipes are to be installed and also the high strain capacity which allows the PE pipes to safely shift or bend to accommodate itself to altered bedding which is the result of under-scouring that may sometime occur due to strong wave and current action under water.

The integral joints with high tensile strength have also made it possible to use the pipes for installation under water bodies by using the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) method.

Jain PE pipes of larger diameters ranging from 800 mm to 2000 mm outer diameter have been used in India for the applications mentioned below. So far 220 km of JAIN PE pipes of above size range have been used all over India for marine installations since the year 2000.

Fire Hydrant Pipelines

Jain fire hydrant pipes and fittings are fire resistant (FR) PE piping systems for application in fire hydrant pipelines, fire fighting system, underground mines and where fire safety is a major concern. State of art testing facility is available in house (flame chamber from Altas, USA) for conducting the fire retardant test. Jain PE fire hydrant pipes are manufactured from basic PE raw material blended with fire retardant chemical compounds. The function of FR chemical is to improve the Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI). The limiting oxygen index is a measure of the percentage of oxygen that has to be present to support combustion of the plastic - the higher the LOI the lower the flammability.

Jain fire hydrant PE Pipe significantly reduces the spread of flame in a fire. As a result of excellent localized surface charring properties, carbonaceous char forms on the product after being exposed to flames which effectively protects the pipe and its contents from ignition.

WaterConnect - Billing & Monitoring Systems

WaterConnect is an integrated system developed by Jain to monitor the entire water supply system remotely. The system also prepares monthly bills for each consumer based on actual consumption of water by the consumer. Municipal corporations save on the Non-Revenue-Water (NRW) or water losses using this WaterConnect integrated System.

WaterConnect is an IOT based software and analytical platform designed to operate water supply projects. It helps to control and monitor right from the SCADA system in pump houses to distribution system valves in the city area through the internet. It can take inputs from different types of sensors like pressure, flow, level, pH etc. Project administrators can make multiple water distribution schedules through WaterConnect. These schedules are then transferred to WaterConnect Master, which is the brain of the system. It transfers these schedules to WaterConnect PRO remote terminal units. WaterConnect PRO has the ability to store the schedule and operate accordingly. Even if the communication breaks, WaterConnect PRO operates as a standalone controller with the schedules stored in it.

Design & Consultancy

Proper system planning and design is essential to irrigation water management and requires the thoughtful consideration of many elements. Selecting a system must include management, water, soil, and crops. Irrigation practice will be designed in accordance with all federal, state and local laws and ordinances. Micro irrigation Systems shall consist of acceptable pipe design and layout to distribute the water in a uniform manner for the intended life of the practice. Resource inventories, local conditions and the intended use will need to be assessed for the proposed Micro irrigation System design and location. A Micro irrigation System design will be developed with the client that meets the intended goals and objectives.