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    Kandi Belt, Talwara & Hajipur Blocks,
    Hoshiarpur, Punjab


Kandi CMI project (Community Micro Irrigation) is a unique type of irrigation project where solar PV energy is being used for pumping water from a canal to irrigate area under command with micro irrigation either by sprinkler or drip irrigation. This is going to be the largest of its type. Canal water is lifted with solar pumps. HDPE pipes are being used for rising main PVC pipes for distribution network for 1642 Acres of command area.

Components Executed By Jain Irrigation

A) Stage I

1) Intake from Canal by Siphon using HDPE pipes at three pumping locations along Canal

2) R.C.C. Sumps at three pumping locations

3) Pump Houses at three Canal Pump Stations

4) HDPE Rising Main 180 mm to 450 mm total length 8160 Rmt.

5) Solar Pumping System with Solar PV panels for 560 KW.

B) Stage II

1) Solar Pumping stations at pond intermediate stage at 11 locations

2) Sumps and pump room at these pump stations at 11 locations

3) PVC pipe distribution network 359152 Rmt. of 63 mm to 180 mm diameter.

4) Solar Pumping System with Solar PV panels for 320 KW

5) Operation, control & monitoring of the system through IrriCare automation solution.

Cost - Benefit Comparison of JIIS Solar pumping V/s Electrical pumping project

Particulars Electrical Pumping Solar Pumping
Capital Cost of System, (Rs. in lakh) 100 1275
Life of system, (Years) 25 25
Power Required, (KW) 380 664
Operating Hours per day 16 8
No of days of operation 300 300
Units Consumed 1824000 1593600
Electrical Charges @ 3.57 per unit 1628 0
Maintenance cost, (Rs. in lakh) 50 319
Life Cycle Cost, (Rs. in lakh) 1778 1594


1) 100% Off Grid Solar Pumping Systems

2) Option independent of grid.

3) Insolation is 5.4 kWh/m2/day

4) Land cost is not included.

Special Features

1) Solar Pumping LIS with MIS.

2) Solar pumping with 1000 Kw PV panels.

3) Complete Concept to commissioning Project.

4) Web based, wireless Irrigation management system through “ Jain IrriCare ”.

5) 7 Years Operation and Maintenance.

6) Training of farmers for advance farming and cropping pattern.