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Are you fed up with the uneconomical traditional way of watering your farm in the varying climatic conditions? Are you exhausted with the hectic schedules of water and fertilizer management?

Jain Drip by marking its bar high is the decisive solution! With its unmatched performance it is the most efficient way to tend your farms, orchards and gardens!

With the water supply dwindling and the water usage increasing day-by-day, the demand for adoption of Drip Irrigation has boomed, thus ensuring sustainable and efficient management of the scarce water resources.

4 Most Amazing Advantages of Adopting Drip Irrigation for your Farms and Orchards!

1) Less is More

The definition of water conservation has not only been slendered to keep the usage, water supply limited and away from pollution! Rather the definition is tweaked with a twist that how we recreate miracles with using less! Drip Irrigation is one of the ways where we can grow a lot with less usage of water. Research says that with adoption of Jain Drip for various vegetable and fruit farming can result in water savings upto 70% and increase the growth and yields up to 230% ensuring More Crop Per Drop

2) Saves your Time and Money

Drip systems are installed above ground, which means they are much quicker and easier to install. Not only that, but the drip system is more affordable than traditional systems and equipment meaning both labor and parts play a role in the initial affordability of these systems with a huge advantage of better performance.
Even the scheduling of fertilizer and water management becomes easy with adoption of Jain Drip which indirectly reduces the time required and money spent on labour.

3) Versatility

The Drip Irrigation system can be used and installed just about anywhere providing all the different crops with customised requirements of water and nutrients!
Vineyards, gardens, farmlands, orchards, home gardens Existing or new landscapes
Flat terrain or hillsides
Polyhouse, nurseries and greenhouses

4) Managing Plant Health

Irrigate CROP not LAND is a golden rule when it comes to Irrigation of crops using Jain Drip. It provides the precise amount of water directly to the crop root zone thus balancing the Water. Soil. Nutrient relationship and reducing evaporation even in fields with diverse shapes.
This concept of Irrigate Crop not Land, helps prevent mildew on leaves and even minimizes the possible chances of diseases/fungus that can grow and spread on wet leaves. It is the plant thrive and stay healthy giving Better Yield and Greater Profits

Adopting the trend is the need of today’s emerging era, and with adoption of Jain Drip for your farms, orchards, gardens gain immense prosperity towards joining hands all together in conservation of the most important and vital element on earth - WATER!

If you seek more information and clarification about a drip irrigation system for your home or business, we will be happy to get you started on a track toward saving more money and conserving more water, gaining Better Yield and getting Greater Profits!