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Blog at Jains - Unveiling Success !

The success story of a progressive farmer Mr. Anand Gadekar, from Ghargaon, who started farming out of sense of RESPONSIBILITY, being the eldest one in the family. In those days, even fetching water for farming was a task, he explains. But somehow managing his water requirements from neighbours, he started his journey towards farming with 4 acres of land.

After a stint of work at his farm in 1992 with a thought of switching towards "less water usage for farming" Mr. Gadekar opted for Drip Irrigation of Jain Irrigation Technology for his farm for plantation of grapes. And there began his journey towards prosperity in his orchard..

Now with prosperity in his farm with better yields and greater profits, Mr. Gadekar who once owned a 4 acre farm is now an owner of 30 acres, with not just grapes in his orchard but many other varieties of fruits!!

Mr. Gadekar planted Jain Tissue culture banana in 6 acres and pomegranate in 5 acres using Jain Technology. On his farm also flourish a variety of fruits like jackfruit, amla, custard-apple, mangoes, coconut, bamboo, guava, sapota (chicoo), etc.

Mr. Gadekar added that, "I have been using Jain Drip-lines for my orchard since the last 29-30 years but till date I have not faced any kind of issue with the system because of which I have full trust on the Jain Products. I have been exporting grapes every year and I am completely satisfied with the products and services provided by Jain Irrigation"

Mr. Gadekar has been exporting his grapes since decade now and also during the pandemic Mr. Gadekar started an online fruit delivering business, for safe and comfortable access of fruits to people at their doorstep! Other than this business, he also owns a milk business and also served as a Sarpanch of his village.

He has been awarded with 10 different esteemed awards including Krushi Bhushan Award by Maharashtra Government!

Mr. Gadekar is a motivation for many farmers who seek Success tips on farming to gain better yields and greater profits with Jain Irrigation Products. Most importantly Mr. Gadekar is always glad to pass on the baton to many farmers who are working for a successful farming future of India. Till date around 30000 people from the forestry department have visited Mr. Gadekar’s farm and Mr. Gadekar adds that- almost daily he has various farmers visiting his farm to seek and understand the technology and products he has been using in his farms.

Today, farming is not just a RESPONSIBILITY for Mr. Gadekar but LOVE, PASSION and ARDOUR!

We at Jain Irrigation are proud to see the immense success of our passionate farmers who are breaking the taboo of traditional farming and are always ready to adopt the new technologies and become the transforming face of a sustainable farming future!