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Advanced agricultural technologies have made farming much more productive, safe and environmentally friendly with innovative ideas and intriguing concepts!

Tissue Culture is relatively a new "Laboratory Science" which encompasses a variety of procedures and techniques. It is a method by which Plants Tissues are grown on a Sterile Media following the "Standard Procedure" for an increase in yield.

We at Jain Irrigation have been working since 1995 on the propagation and supply of "Tissue Culture Planting Material" and today we are the "Oldest and Biggest Laboratory" for Banana, Pomegranate in the WORLD.

We offer all important varieties of Tissue Culture Banana that are popular and grown in India, including the Red Banana.

Red Banana!! Yes, rightly heard.

We all have had and seen green & yellow bananas often but ever heard or tried a Red banana?

Here is the success story of a progressive farmer, born in 1965 into a farming family, Mr. Selvakumar, who grew up doing farming with his father. However, considering the fact that there has to be a basic education for survival and respect in the society, he took to studying law and graduated as a lawyer.

But he always had this special love for farming, getting inspired by his father. Subsequently visualizing social acceptance and better returns from his father’s farming business, and being a noble profession, Selvakumar decided to get into full time farming with a thought of serving his best in Agriculture.

Mr. Selvakumar’s dream was not only to just take up his father’s farming business but also making it flourishing with advancements by introducing something new to his farm that can fetch him with Better Yield and Greater Profits.

Mr. Selvakumar’s story towards gaining better yields and greater profits got a "break" while his research towards improving upon his father’s business model of growing banana through conventional suckers was on-going. He is very much thankful that he got the best opportunity of a Jain Irrigation team visiting him at his farm and introducing him to modern agricultural techniques and practices like tissue culture plants, drip irrigation fertigation and advancement for the pre and post-harvest care.

Mr. Selvakumar with Red Banana Bunch

Mr. Selvakumar also added that "No other brand did this (bringing technology to our door-step) and hence we got attracted towards Jain Tissue Culture and today we are really grateful for the decision we made"

Getting to know about various varieties of banana with Jain Tissue Culture, Mr. Selvakumar tried with Grand Naine and Red Banana. The current crop of Red Banana has given him an average bunch weight of 25 Kgs and a gross income of Rs. 6.75 Lacs per acre at an average price of Rs. 30 per Kg.

On asking Mr. Selvakumar about Jain Irrigation he got overwhelmed stating that-

"We are grateful that we were taught the technology at our doorstep when we did not know anything about the advancements. It was like - what we were seeking was seeking us"

Mr. Selvakumar with Dr. K.B Patil

Mr. Selvakumar also shared with us his version of before-after scenario as below:

"Today if I look back at the before-after scenario, my father was going on a bicycle to our farm daily and ended up going on a moped. But with Jain technology I could buy a motor bike, construct a modern house and recently I have purchased an Innova Crysta. And this was possible only because of Jain technology and planting material and the after sales service provided by Jain Irrigation team"

Mr. Selvakumar started his journey with a 10 acre farm and today he is a proud owner of 100 acres and exporting bananas as well! He has also been awarded the Best Farmer Award thrice and as early as 2010!!

Jain Irrigation with our widespread network of 1200+ Agronomists has been working on educating and motivating Millions of farmers on developing better plantation techniques, improving crop yield, nutritional values of crops, introducing automation in agriculture and many such more guidance to help the farmers shape their better tomorrow contributing for our Nation!