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This is a sensational story of one of the progressive Jain Agripreneur who has cracked the code to success via the formula of adopting Jain Technology for his modern farm using modern techniques for organic farming!

Mr. Satyavan Grewal who owns a 2 Acre farm land, is an Agriculture Officer in Jhajjar, Haryana who believes and proclaims that the amalgam of "Multi Layer Cropping and Jain Technology" is undeniably the ladder to success with immense prosperity by gaining Better Yield Greater Profits.

Mr. Satyawan with his wife Mrs. Manju always had this keen interest towards organic farming along with spreading the awareness of organic farming. And hence with this dream and hope they initiated organic farming in a 2 Acre farm in the year 2017.

Mrs. Grewal showing off their healthy and organic produce

Mr. Satyawan furthermore explains that his farm to be a modern age farm in which he has adopted the concept of Multi Layer farming and wants to set an example for the farmers out there conveying the message that it’s high time to overcome the traditional farming methodology and to adopt the trend overcoming the stagnant prosperity and the limitations.

Mr. Satyawan Grewal in his Modern Farm

Mr. Satyawan has planted around 1200 plants in this farm with varying vegetables and fruits like - Pumpkin, Round Melon (Tinda), Okra (Bhendi), Onions, Tomatoes, Watermelon, Capcisum, Bottle Gourd (Lauki), French Beans, etc..

They have used Jain Drip in their farms for the vegetable cultivation alongwith Jain Micro Sprinklers for the seedling purpose. He also added that the whole farm is cultivated under mulching which is another reason for water saving since the rate of evaporation by adoption of the technique is very less keeping the relationship of soil water and nutrients maintained.

The produce which is harvested from Mr. Satyawan farms are further disseminated for sale to benefit the people nearby with the fresh and organic produce.

Mr. Grewal without any hesitation shared the information that "In 1 Acre, the minimum profit I am gaining is around 7-8 Lakhs"

The customers are so happy with the produce that sometimes satisfying every customer has become a task and hence Mr. Grewal wants to appeal to all farmers that with the adoption of technology let us all start benefiting our nation and satisfying every individual with fresh and organic produce without any hassle!

Mr. Grewal expounding about his "Modern Farming Methodology" and explaining the benefits-

Farmer Details
Farmer Name: Mr. Satyawan Grewal and Mrs. Manju Grewal
Village: Jhajjar, Haryana

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