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Blog at Jains - The Story of Success Expounding

"Kinnow" is one of the healthiest fruits from the family of Citrus which is extensively grown in the northern region of India. Kinnow is a hybrid variety of two citrus - Citrus nobilis x Citrus deliciosa a sweet oblate fruit with a smooth orange rind!

The Kinnow orchards are comprehensively planted in Punjab keeping the agro-ecological conditions into consideration which are best suited for the cultivation of Kinnow. And for the farms to flourish with the orange lush of Kinnow in orchards, the adoption of Jain Technology personifies as an added perk to boost the orchards with gaining better yield with greater profits!

Here is the success story of an Agripreneur (Farmer cum Agri Entrepreneur) who is from district Fazilka, Mr. Rajeev Bhadu who is known for Kinnow farming for the last 6 years!

His success story starts with a contrast comparison between the before and after scenario of adoption of Drip Technology for his orchard.

Agripreneur Mr. Rajeev added that after 2 years of planting Kinnow and following the traditional methodology for watering the plants was a challenging task to tackle alongwith the scarcity of water availability, which indirectly affected the produce making it less pulpy and succulent.

But adopting the Jain Drip technology from the last 4.5 years has completely changed the scenario of the orchard, wherein now his farm not only flourishes with higher productivity but the improved quality of the produce!

Mr. Rajeev with his produce

What amazed Mr. Rajeev the most was the fact of utilization of less water than the traditional methodology leading to improved yield quality making the produce more luscious and mellow!

Mr. Rajeev eagerly wants to pass on the baton of his success mantra to all fellow farmers out there, who are suffering with lower productivity and scarcity of water availability in the region.

Adoption of Jain Drip for your orchards not only tackles the problem of water and reduces labour requirements but also treats your farms and produce with gaining MoreCropPerDrop™


Mr. Rajeev proudly showing off his orchard with flourishing yields and expounding on how Jain Drip treated him with a completely transformed face of his orchard!

We are glad that Jain Irrigation systems Ltd. have introduced and acclimatized the processing as well as table varieties with the introduction of "Jain Sweet Orange". Wherein the Indian farmers will benefit immensely with 5 different varieties of Jain Sweet Orange making their farms flourish with the luscious produce!

Farmer Details:
Farmer Name -
Sri Rajeev Bhadu
Village- Variyamkheda District- Fazilka State - Punjab

We at Jain Irrigation are proud that our versatile range of products are a reason for prosperity and transforming the lives of millions of farmers!