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Blog at Jains - Satisfaction Of A Desire

"Customer satisfaction", the most gravitating word of the period and the most eminent and sensitive subject for any organization! We at Jain Irrigation measure the customer’s satisfaction with only one mantra "Has the customer desire turned into satisfaction??"

Here is a story of Mr. Guruprasad Khadilkar, A person who is an agriculture graduate working in a private bank but having a separate soft edge for farming.

Mr. Khadilkar heard about our Jain Tissue Culture banana plants and became curious about trying his hands on planting them in his backyard and hence contacted us via Social Platform. Mr. Khadilkar was very astonished while sharing his experience that –

"The simplicity and real teamwork along with word of affection is what I found very unique about Jain Irrigation and it’s for sure a learning experience for me"

After Mr. Khadilkar enquiring and showing keenness about planting our Tissue culture plants, we further informed our JISL Ratnagiri team, who promptly took his request into consideration and proactively provided Mr. Khadilkar with the banana tissue culture plants.

Mr. Khadilkar also added that he was very anxious and excited at the same time while planting the banana plants in his backyard, but the results and the produce amazed and surprised his family, peers and neighbours.

Mr. Khadilkar adds that it was an overwhelming moment for him not only just to see his plants all grown big but treated him with big sturdy bunches of bananas, which he enjoyed having and sharing with his friends and family. Mr. Khadilkar also shared a picture of his product on Social Media platform showing gratification towards our team and our services.

Mr. Khadilkar also believes that - The feeling and happiness of enjoying self-grown produce is really a next level happiness which everyone should experience!

We at Jain Irrigation are very proud to know that, progressive farmers are not the only ones who are enjoying our products and services gaining Better Yield Greater Profits but there are many people like Mr. Khadilkar and amateur farmers who are enjoying the self-grown produce and giving wings to their hobbies apart from the daily "Work Routine" and mainly by giving "Satisfaction to their Desire"