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Blog at Jains - Embracing Agricultural Technology!

Modern agriculture is on the brink of a new era, which represents a quantum leap into the 21st Century. With the increasing demand there will always be a need for modern agricultural methods to step-in towards the transforming farming future.

There is no doubt that the green revolution of a quarter century ago is rapidly giving way to today’s "Gene" Revolution, the cornerstone of this new technology is the propagation method known as "Tissue Culture"

This is a success story of a progressive farmer Mr. Nitin Agrawal from Raver.

A farmer who was aggrieved in life with lower yields, lower profits, labour costs, dependency of water for irrigating solutions and so on. With a thought of changing the scenario of his farm and getting over the traditional farming methods, Mr. Nitin decided to take a jump towards technological farming wherein his journey towards bringing prosperity in his own farm began

With a piece of 1 acre land and dreams to achieve Better Yields and Greater Profits, Mr. Nitin opted to buy Jain Tissue Culture banana crops- Grain naine for his farm, with a set-up of Jain Driplines, Jain filters followed with an Automation set-up for fertigation management.

And during his first harvesting, Mr. Nitin was completely amazed with the yields, Big bunches of bananas with an even and big banana sizes which weighed 30-35 kgs!!

He started his journey of Jain Tissue culture banana farming in 1 Acre and now he has planted Jain bananas in complete 20 Acres.

Each acre he achieves 350-400 quintal of yields with great profits. He also added that,

"With traditional farming, I use to gain the yields once in 2 years, same with the Jain Tissue Culture Crops and by adopting the Jain Technology I have started gaining yields TWICE in two years"

He has also adopted the mulching technique for his farms for the conservation of the soil moisture, enhancing the nutrients status of soil, controlling the erosion losses and of course suppression of the weeds in crops.

Big bunches of Grain Nain Bananas

Mr. Nitin believes and is willing to pass on this message to every farmer that- "Adoption of advanced technologies is the need of today’s agricultural era and every farmer should adopt it for a sustainable farming future in aspects of bringing prosperity in your farms gaining Better Yields with Greater Profits!"

Today Mr. Nitin exports his banana produce to many different places with a complete satisfaction of the technology he is using for his farms from Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd and is happy with the produce.

We at Jain Irrigation salute all such farmers for getting evolved and moulded alongwith the Technological advancements in agriculture.

We wish all such farmers with more and more prosperity in their farms gaining MoreCropPerDrop!