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"MANGO" – Probably the most loved tropical fruit from the drupe family and also the National Fruit of India! What can be more satisfying to eyes than to see the mango plants covered with big and pulpy mangoes all over, right? So be ready to satisfy the desire to flourish your Mango Orchard by farming with Ultra High Density Plantation ‘UHDP’ method perfected and commercialised by Jain Irrigation!

A revolutionary technology which is the result of years of on- farm research and technological innovation by our scientists at Jain Irrigation which is perfected in the field. Pleased to see many farmers gaining immense success by adopting the package in their farms - Better Yield Greater Profits with Path Breaking ‘UHDP’ technology.

Here is a success story of Mr. Ramakant Alat, a progressive Jain Farmer from Barshi, Solapur, who is a Software Engineer and has been serving the industry for the past 30 years now!

But having a fervour towards farming, his passion drove him towards knowing Ultra High Density Plantation (UHDP). Initially Mr. Ramakant started learning and digging deeper about this process of UHDP over the internet and that gradually gave birth to a new urge and eagerness of trying this unique technique in his own orchard.

And Mr. Ramakant specifically mentioned that since Jain Irrigation is well known for their products, services and solutions, he without any second thought decided to adopt Jain UHDP Technology™ for his orchard. He understood that he could save on water, fertilizers, labour and energy and still increase productivity 4-5 fold. Additionally, he does not have to wait for 8-12years for the first crop as he could harvest his first crop in the 3rd year itself. It was easy for him to conduct operations for pesticide spray and also ease in harvesting.

Mr. Ramakant started his journey of UHDP Mango plantation by getting Mango saplings from Jain Hi-Tech Nursery along with Jain Drip Irrigation with Fertigation Management setup and was all braced up to begin the journey towards gaining prosperity from his Orchard.

After a growing period of 2.8 years, Mr. Ramakant was amazed to see the produce of his orchard! His whole orchard was flourishing with variety of big and pulpy mangoes and he shares his views with us saying that "Jain irrigation helped us increase our income by 5 times a year because of Jain UHDP technology used in our Mango Plantation along with inter-crops like Guava and custard-apple"

Mr. Ramakant proudly showing his produce, where happiness is manifested in his actions:

Mr. Ramakant was also glad to share that "Jain Irrigation Team was very supportive during the whole process, Jain Agronomist - Mr. Shankar Gadekar, helped us in every step during the whole process of UHDP crop. Mr. Gadekar personally visited our farm every 3 months suggesting fertigation schedules and beneficial steps to be taken towards gaining prosperity of the orchard"

He also added that "Small steps taken by Jain irrigation and their team made us successful in UHDP farming and I am very proud to say that- Yes, I am a Jain farmer!"

Mr. Ramakant is glad that he is further sharing his experience by demonstrating Jain technology™ to farmers of Solapur, Western Maharashtra region so that they can also benefit by increasing their annual income 10 times!

Serving farmers with the BEST is the eminent value proposition offered by Jain Irrigation for decades and That always RESULTs IN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!
"Small Ideas;Big Revolutions®", is what drives Jain Irrigation!