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Blog at Jains - Adversity to Prosperity!

Water scarcity is an issue which is dismally increasing! And unfortunately we cannot even keep away or stop the usage of water, since it’s the foremost survival element. But yes working smart on the crisis is what we can definitely do! So which is the best solution for agriculture that can reduce the water usage with an additional benefit of gaining more yields?

Without a second thought it is - "Jain Drip Irrigation!" Which takes your farming towards a next level gaining of Better Yield Greater Profits!

But are all the farmers aware of this? Are we able to reach the potential farmers? Do farmers really benefit from this technology? Is Drip Irrigation the proven solution?

With every such question popping, we at Jain Irrigation have the SOLUTION!

The "Jeevika" Project implemented in Udhampur, Jammu & Kashmir, which was a thoughtful initiation taken towards targeting livelihood plans for small farmers through development of sustainable agriculture by the department.

Udhampur is a district which covers 81% rural area making it imperative to develop sustainable Agriculture and farm activities which are the mainstay of the people of the area. And with increase in the number of souls to be feeded, the need for growing more, indirectly increases which results in an increased requirement of more irrigation water.

We at Jain Irrigation are glad to share that it was an immense pleasure for us to take up the project "Jeevika" whose primary emphasis was around the principles of conservation, sustainability and equitable access of water.

With this objective, our aim was to provide the farmers of Udhampur with solution for effective management of limited availability of water for strengthening the livelihood of small marginal farmers through precision farming vegetable cultivation package loved by most farmers with small land holdings – "The Jain Dripkit" that fetches farmers gaining More Crop Per Drop.

The best thing about Udhampur is its mesmerizing nature’s blessings that possesses three Agro-Climatic regions viz Sub- Tropical, Intermediate and Temperate which favours the cultivation of different crops at different elevations.

Farmer happily posing in his farm

Estimating that 81% population is residing in the rural areas and is mostly dependent on the Agriculture sector, The Jain Dripkit was the perfect solution for the farmers to bring immense success in small farms gaining bigger profits wherein, Farmer could irrigate crops as per the need of crop and that too with greater energy efficiency.

And yes, we did reach the farmers, We did create an awareness amongst the farmers about the drip irrigation technology! And about our aim of gaining More Crop Per Drop for the farmers, was it justified??

Let’s hear from one of the farmers of Udhampur, sharing his experience with added pride and spark after using Jain Dripkit and overcoming the traditional farming method for their farms!

Jain Irrigation is happy to share that we provided 100+ Dripkits for the farmers of Udhampur. And each Dripkit covering 500 sq meter, is the reason for fulfilling the needs of farmers by providing a solution to save water along with a fertigation facility to grow better and more even in the varying topography.
Carving a way for farmers towards prosperity for decades!