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Blog at Jains - A Farmer and a Philanthropist!

Donating. Funding. Relief Services. Endowments are a few of the many words which we have heard going around during the prevailing pandemic!

But on the brighter side, the world is coming together to combat the pandemic by bringing contributions from across industries, the private sector and from individuals who have come together to respond to this global catastrophe!

Many people have set the bar high while helping the needy, despite their own difficult circumstances.

Here is the amazing story of one such person. One of the Jain Agripreneurs, who despite worrying about his own -- situation, took a stand for the people in need.

Mr. Basavaraj Katral hails from Vijayapur, Karnataka and is the proud owner of a banana plantation, spread over 3 Acres with 5000 plants of Jain Tissue Culture Banana. His plantation has yielded 150 tonnes of bananas. But unfortunately due to the restrictions implemented worldwide in the pandemic, he failed to reach his customers globally. This directly reflected on his profits.

Mr. Basavaraj personally overseeing his humanitarian efforts

The total produce would have given him a handsome profit of 13 lakhs! But looking at the situation of his country he generously took a decision not to sell his bananas at cheaper rates and instead decided to help the national effort by donating all the 150 tonnes of bananas!

Fresh banana produce from Mr. Basavaraj’s Orchard

Mr. Basavaraj distributed his bananas to the various covid care centers, to the poor people on the streets, old age homes, residential schools and other needy people in various villages!

Farmer Details: Name: Basavaraj Katral
Location: Sangapur SH, Babaleshwar Taluk, Vijayapura District,
Karnataka Crop: Banana
Variety: Jain G9 Tissue Culture
Irrigation: Jain Drip Irrigation Systems

We at Jain Irrigation are proud of Agri- Entrepreneur Mr. Basavaraj who showed generosity during the trying times and contributed for a noble cause! Our salute to him for these humanitarian efforts!