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Blog at Jains - A Success Story Unfurled!

This is the story of Mr. Raju Narasimman, a person who hails from Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu and was serving as an Air Traffic Controller in Indian Air Force.

With his keen interest towards farming, Mr. Narasimman turned to Modern farming in the year 1998 after visiting and getting inspired by the modern farming techniques of Jain Irrigation for his farm.

Using these modern techniques in his farm of around 50 acres out of which 40 acres was for Mango and other 10 acres for fruit crops and forestry crops at Punalkulam, Pudukkottai District of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Narasimman was overwhelmed with the success that he achieved from his farm!

He also has 10 acres of land at Puthukudi near Thanjavur in which he is practicing Ultra High Density Plantation (UHDP) in Mango with Jain Drip and hi-tech farming practices.Mr. Narasimman’s farm is Global GAP Certified since 2008 and he exports Mangoes to Middle East, Netherlands and European Countries.

UHDP Mango with Jain Technology

With his immense success in mango plantation with Jain Technology, in the year 2017 he planted 2500 nos of Jain Tissue culture Karpooravalli banana plants followed by Jain Drip and fertigation practices suggested by Jain Agronomists,by which he gaining a initial yield of 25 kg per bunch going upto 40 kg per bunch with a net income of Rs. 18.75 lakhs from the 2500 plants that he planted in over 2 acres

Mr. Narasimman in his Kapooravalli Banana Farm

With his outstanding achievements in the field of "Progressive Farming" and his contribution towards Horticulture, Jain irrigation recommended him to receive the ASM-Udyan Ratna Award in the year 2018 during the National Conference on Intensification and Diversification in Agriculture for Livelihood and Rural development held at DRPCAU, Pusa (Samastipur), Bihar.

We at Jain Irrigation are proud of Mr. Narasimman for being such an inspiration for all the farmers out there and also for being a resourceful Jain Farmer who always transforms our technologies to Agriculture/Horticulture students, farmers, besides sharing his experiences in various farmers forums and social media platforms.

Presently Mr. Narasimman is President for The Progressive Farmers’ Association in Tamilnadu and Scientific Member in KVK Vamban, Pudukkottai as well as Senior Member in Indian Chamber of Food and Agriculture and in the All India Farmers’ Association, New Delhi!

He recently shared his present plans for the New Year, that he has started plantation of Jain irrigation Red banana and Karpooravalli tissue culture crops in his farm.

Plantation of Jain Tissue culture – Red Banana and Kapooravalli

We at Jain Irrigation wish him all the very best for his upcoming endeavours and to keep achieving Better Yields and Greater Profits with Jain Technology!