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Jain Irrigation Systems Limited (JISL) signs an MOU with Water Management and Plumbing Skills Council (WMPSC) to Enhance Skills in Water Management and Plumbing Industry.

In a move to boost skills and foster innovation in the water management and plumbing sector, the Water Management and Plumbing Skills Council (WMPSC) and Jain Irrigation Systems Limited (JISL) have signed a Knowledge Partnership - Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work together on sharing knowledge, expertise, experience And also conducting research, and developing qualifications.

Key Goals of the MoU

  • Sharing Know-How: This partnership aims to share valuable knowledge, expertise, and resources to meet the industry’s growing needs.
  • Market Research Collaboration: WMPSC and JISL will collaborate to understand the industry better and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Creating Qualifications: The parties will create qualifications that match the industry’s expectations and can be offered at training centers across the country.
  • Staying Industry-Relevant: Regular surveys will be conducted to understand what the industry needs and keep upgrading qualifications as required to stay relevant.
  • Long-Term Partnership: The MoU lays the foundation for a long-term partnership that will strengthen the skilled workforce and create meaningful collaborations both nationally and internationally.
  • National & International Partnerships: Both organizations will work together to form meaningful partnerships at home and abroad.

The core purpose of this MoU is to share knowledge, experiences, resources, and connections within the water and plumbing sector. This includes sharing training materials, information on job opportunities, and using industry contacts.

JISL will endeavor to help create new standards and qualifications based on industry needs. We will also support training activities and promote connections with other countries to help skilled workers go global. JISL will play a crucial role in setting up centers to showcase technology and serve as benchmarks for other training institutes. JISL already houses a state of the art Live Demo cum Display center for Plumbing & Drainage at its headquarters in Jalgaon,(Mh), along with its Nationally and Internationally accredited Pipe Testing Lab - resources that it can effectively use to train the plumbers/ technicians/ installers and impart detailed knowledge on the subject which the MoU also aims at achieving.

This MoU marks a significant step forward in enhancing skills, research, and collaboration in the water and plumbing industry. Both WMPSC and JISL are committed to shaping a future where skilled professionals meet the industry’s evolving demands.

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