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Jain Hydraulic Valve

~ Thy name is Precision!


  • Sizes (mm): 50, 65, 80

  • Max working pressure (kg/cm²): 10

  • Available Colour: Black, Blue, & Grey


  • Used For Agriculture, Turf, Aquaculture and Reclaimed Water service

Features & Benefits

Low pressure dropUnique design offers low pressure drop and longer life
Top opening for easy maintenance Easy opening with only two bolts allows easy maintenance even in constricted installations & inside the valve box without removing out the valve
Model - Straight flow and Angle flow Two types outlet options facilitates installation in angular or straight fashion depending on field requirements
Flexible yet Strong Rubber Diaphragm Nylon reinforced heavy duty rubber diaphragm provides high flexural strength.
Strong and Robust Virgin plastic material & innovative design makes valve strong & robust to withstand pressure stresses impact & heat resistance.
Compatible with Different Pilots Jain Hydraulic Valve is compatible with different add-on regulatory pilot options like Solenoid (AC / DC), Pressure Reducing , Pressure relief, Pressure Sustaining, Flow Control, Level Control etc..