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Jain Nano Solar Pump

  • DC motor: 18-24V, 2.3A

  • max head: 40 m

  • Max. discharge: 700 LPH

The pump works directly on solar panel throughout the day. If the pump is to be operated during night time, then power pack can be used. You will need to purchase this power pack separately.


  • The pump works directly on solar modules without any controller
  • Compact and portable
  • Positive displacement pump
  • Inbuilt Pressure control switch

Features & Benefits

  • Solar pump and hand pump in same bore.
  • Same pump can be operated on grid during night time if required.
  • Integrated hand pump and solar pumping system both can operate.
  • Water distribution Pipeline & can be laid as per requirement.
  • The Jain Solar submersible pump is operated on energy generated by the solar PV modules.
  • No batteries are required in most cases.
  • The complete system is eco-friendly.
  • No operational cost.
  • Low maintenance.