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    Sundarnagar, Himachal Pradesh


Under this unique project, water is brought to the desilting unit through siphon on BBMB canal by gravity. The silt is separated and water is then pumped from the sump to the Main Conveyance Line to irrigate 2355 Ha command area situated at the upper and also lower portion of the MCS through lift schemes and gravity schemes. Delivery Chambers have been provided on the top most elevation in the command area for each lift scheme. Water is then distributed by gravity to the fields. The scheme has a provision of installation of sprinkler irrigation systems through gravity. It is a fully automatic scheme having SCADA control and latest instrumentation. There is also a provision of about 17 tube wells along with pump sets to irrigate some 600 ha land on right bank canal.

Components Executed By Jain Irrigation

900 mm to 450 mm HDPE Rising main 18.48 Km

Desilting Unit 1 No

Main Pump house cum panel room 1 No

Lift Irrigation schemes 13 No

Gravity Irrigation Schemes 10 No

Tube wells 17 No

Outlets More than 1000 No

Sprinkler Irrigation systems 2780 Ha

Apart from the above Jain Irrigation also conducted contour survey of the project area, investigation, planning and designing of the project, Formulation of Water User Associations, Supplying, Laying, Installing, Testing and Commissioning of the project. The scope also involves providing training to water users and departmental staff, five years maintenance after commissioning on turnkey basis.

Challenges Faced

1) Identification of beneficiaries and formulation of farmer groups

2) Area is a hilly and undulating area having elevation difference up to 120 m.

3) Surveying, forest clearance, alignment of pipeline in hilly area, execution work including exaction, jointing, carrying welding machines at sites, provision of generators, manpower was really the tough task.

4) Adverse climatic conditions, too cold climate in winter and monsoon reduced the effective working days.

Jain Integrated Solutions made Irrigation Feasible at 3444 feet MSL in Hilly & Undulating Terrains of Himalaya