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The uniquely designed coupler has two sets of grooves on each side to house the spline that aligns perfectly to the grooves on the pipe to be joined. The coupler also has longitudinal grooves providing pipe locking mechanism & for absorbing sudden jerk from the pump. The coupler is housed with ‘O’ rings making Sure Loc Plus™ leak proof.

Technical Specifications

Sr. No. Size Product code
1 35(1.25) PZCC042
2 40(1.5) PZCC048
3 50(2) PZCC060
4 65(2.5) PZCC075
5 80(3) PZCC088
6 100(4) PZCC114
7 125(5) PZCC141
8 150(6) PZCC168
9 200(8) PZCC218