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PVC Well Casing & Screen Pipes

  • Product Standard As Per IS 12818, DIN 4925, ASTM F 480, ASTM D 1785 and company standard

  • Range ¾" to 24" in different class

Water covers almost three quarters of the earth’s surface and a major portion of this is found in the oceans or frozen in the Polar Regions. Only a small percentage of freshwater is available as surface water in lakes, rivers, streams and as ground water. Ground water is the finite source and it must be exploited very carefully. The past fifty years witnessed a global expansion of the water well industry particularly as extraction of water from the wells has become the lifeline of industry, agriculture, and drinking water supply in cities, towns and villages. Well construction products, therefore, play an important role to ensure the highest quality, efficiency and productivity of the well.

PVC-u, unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is the most ideal material for manufacturing well pipes as it is impervious to corrosion and chemical action, easy to handle and install, light in weight, non toxic, non conductive. Its long service life makes it an economical choice over other materials. Selection of right polymer grades, additives and stabilizing agents are an important criteria to produce a quality product and Jains lay special emphasis on this. The pipes produced by Jains are suitable for potable water application.

To meet or exceed the user’s expectations on the external pressure resistance, load bearing capacity of threads, pipe dimensions and free open area of screen pipes, Jain follows the all set standards for criteria.


  • Tube Wells and Bore Wells
  • Piezometric / Monitoring Wells
  • Collecor Wells
  • Waste Disposal and Injection Wells
  • Pressure Relief Wells
  • Agriculture Vertical Drainage Wells
  • Aquifer Racharge Wells
  • Dewatering Wells etc.

Features & Benefits

  • Sufficient Collapse Strength
  • Resistance To corrosion
  • Better Permeability
  • Non Clogging Slots
  • Minimum Incrusting Tendency
  • Control On Sand Pumping
  • Low Head Loss Through Screen
  • Easy Well Development