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Jain Hills picture of Sustainable Agriculture: Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray

Padma Shri Appasaheb Pawar Modern High-Tech Agriculture Award Ceremony concludes

Padma Shri High-Tech Agriculture Award winner Dattatray Chavan and Chandrakala Chavan were honoured by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and Sharad Pawar along with (from left) Mrs. Jyoti Jain, Anil Jain, Ishwarlal Jain, Arunbhai Gujrathi, Dilip Walse-Patil, N D Mahanor, Mrs. Pratibha Pawar, Ashok Jain, MP Unmesh Patil, Sanjay Sawakare, Anil Patil, Shirish Chaudhary, Dalubhau Jain etc.

, Jalgaon

Bhavarlalji has set up an agrarian world at Jain Hills for all present and future farmers who have learned from their agricultural technology and how they have embraced the future, and thus take inspiration from sustainable agriculture. Jain Hills is a modern picture of the future of agriculture. Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray, said that his government considers farmers as most important.

Farmers are the focal point of the government. Water, electricity and suitable prices will be provided for irrigation for the overall development of the farmers. Chief Minister Thackeray praised the agriculture research and experimentation at Jain Hills, saying that the government would give the farmer the same honor as ‘If India wants to be strong, it should honor agriculture and farmers’. Following the tradition of Bhavarlalji, the work of the next generation is underway. I promise that as the Government in Maharashtra what is to be done and wherever possible for it to be done by the government, it will support it. He further said, having seen the Future of Farming project at the Jain TC Park, that the Future of Farming will be agriculture without soil. The future of sustainable agriculture is the perfect combination of thought and action and this has been successfully displayed by Bhawarlalji Jain, the Chief Minister said.

If the farmers change, the country will change - Sharad Pawar

Appasaheb Pawar and Bhavarlalji Jain worked for enriching farming all their lives. Raising the standard of living of farmers’ Jain Irrigation always gives high technology to farmers. Jain Hills is a farming landmark. Former Union Agriculture Minister Sharadrao Pawar appealed that the farmers should adopt high-tech agricultural technology for changing the country. Farmer has the capacity to cater to the growing population. This requires farming with the latest technology. Jalna district in Marathwada is a thirsty district. Pawar appreciated the award-winning farmer Chavan, who achieved modernization and farming in this area, and that as he persevered even under adverse conditions, his goals were achieved.

Dattatray Chavan, a progressive farmer in Jalna district of Marathwada, was honored with the Padma Shri Dr.Appassaheb Pawar Modern High-Tech Agriculture Award-2018. The award consists of two lakh rupees, a shawl, and a memento.

Dattatray Bhanudasrao Chavan, an experimental farmer who is now the recepient of the Padma Shri Dr. Appasaheb Pawar Modern High-Tech Agriculture Award-2018, carries out agriculture in his 150 acres farm. He cultivates grapes, pomegranates, papaya, tur, maize, sorghum, and vegetable crops. He has 2 farm ponds with 6 and 4 million liters of water source capacity, 11 wells for irrigation and 5HP pump for solar power, 7 pumps for electricity, and their emphasis is on mechanized agriculture, such as tractors, blowers. There are HTP pumps, sowing machines, rotavators, trolleys, cargo pickup vans, etc. Organic matter is also included in agriculture. He also does cattle rearing.

The ceremony was conducted in the august presence of former Union Agriculture Minister and Nationalist Congress President Sharadrao Pawar, Agriculture Minister Dada Bhuse, Labor Welfare Minister Dilip Walse-Patil, District Guardian Minister and Water Supply Minister Gulabrao Patil at the Jain Hills. Award winning farmer Dattatray Chavan, Smt. Chandrakala Chavan, Zilla Parishad President Ranjana Patil, Mayor Mrs. Bharti Sonawan, MP Unmesh Patil, MLA Chimanrao Patil Kishore Patil, MLA Anil Patil MLA Sanjay Sawakare, Ex. MLA Ishwarlal Jain, Former Assembly Speaker Arunbhai Gujrathi, Former MP Ulhas Patil, Milind Narvekar Damn it. Mahanor, Chairman of the Awards Committee S. S. However, senior Jain family member Dalichand Jain, Jain Irrigation chairman Ashok Jain, Mrs. Jyoti Jain, Vice-President Anil Jain, Managing Director Ajit Jain, Atul Jain and dignitaries were also present on the dias.

Responding to the reception at this time, Chavan said, "Ten years ago I came to Jain Hills for this award distribution ceremony. It was there that I decided to win this award. That worked in the field. The condition of the farmers and the village changed. Prior to 2012, the village had 25 acres of fruit orchard area. I increased it to 600 acres with my hard work. The village started to progress towards financial stability; thus eliminating the problem of employment. Implementing these schemes like water positive, water shed management, orchards could provide for additional water needs, he said.

The Jain family welcomed the dignitaries. Introduced by Anil Jain - said, Bhawarlalji Jain, founder of Jain Irrigation and Apapaheb Pawar had revolutionary ideas about agriculture. Agro-technology with drip has changed the quality of life of the farmers. Both of them spent most of their lives working for agriculture, soil and water. He said that this is an award the farmers wish achieve it and it inspires them to work hard. Gulabrao Patil expressed his thoughts in Jalgaon. He urged that a decision should be made on the need for a research center and a place to increase the research in the field. Initially, Deepak Chandorkar recited the Ganeshwandana. Dnyaneshwar Shende, anchored the program, and Ashok Jain proposed the vote of thanks to the audience.


  • The determination of the farmers in front of the Chief Minister to cultivate hi-tech farming. Over 5000 farmers were present on this occasion.
  • Video clip introduced Mr Dattatreya Chavan.
  • Dattatraya Chavan and Mrs. Chandrakala Chavan were seated besides the Chief Minister and Sharad Pawar.