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Quadra Bubbler


  • Connection Sizes (inch): - 3/4” MPT

  • Available in four models : -
    Blue - 7.5 lph (2 gph)
    Black - 23 lph (6 gph)
    Red - 39 lph (10 gph)
    Green - 75 lph (20 gph)


  • Ideal for converting sprinkler system to low flow, because it is designed to apply the amount of water the plants need during the time of sprinkler zone operates
  • Can be used to irrigate where lateral requires running for longer length and irrigation time is a limitation e.g. landscaping of road dividers, shrub islands between turfs and lawns, trees, flowers and ground cover planting beds

Features & Benefits

Unique Four Outlet Bubbler
Four outlet self-cleaning, pressure compensating bubbler
Precision moulded liquid silicone rubber diaphragm
Precision moulded liquid silicone rubber diaphragm ensures pressure compensation, uniform water application and long lasting high quality performance
Special Inlet Filter
Supplied with special filter to prevent blockage by sand/ slit particles which ensures troubl free performance
Threaded Inet Connection
Threaded inlet connection provided for connectivity with system