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Octa Bubbler


  • Sizes (mm): - 1/2”

  • Available Four models. (cm): -
    Blue - 7.5 lph (2 gph),
    Black - 23 lph (6 gph),
    Red - 39 lph (10 gph),
    Green - 75 lph (20 gph)


  • Ideal for converting sprinkler system to low flow, because it is designed to apply the amount of water the plants need during the time of sprinkler zone operates.
  • Can be used to irrigate where lateral requires to run for longer length and irrigation time is a limitation e.g. landscaping of road dividers, shrub island between turfs and lawns, trees, flowers and ground cover planting beds

Features & Benefits

Unique Eight Outlet Bubbler
An eight-outlet self-cleaning, pressure compensating bubbler
In-Built NRV
Built-in back flow prevention device engineered for added protection
Optional Flow Control Device
Optional flow control device can be supplied
Threaded Inet Connection
Threaded inlet connection provided for connectivity with system