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Acurain Magic Drive


  • Flow Rates (lph): 310 to 730

  • Working Pressure (kg/cm²): 1.5 to 3.5

  • Wetted Diameter (m): 19.0 to 23.0


  • Irrigation and germination of vegetables and field crops.
  • Corn and Sugar cane irrigation on high risers 2-3m due to its stable operation without vibration.
  • Overhead cooling in orchards and plantations.

Features & Benefits

Extended longevity
Maintenance free for long lifespan
Hermetically-sealed silicone chamber
Hermetically-sealed silicone chamber protects silicone from leakage
Silicone With Magnets
Silicone with magnets ensure constant rotation speed and prevents wear and tear
Unique Spinner Design
Specially designed spinner for uniform water distribution
Color codes for identification
Color coded nozzle are available for different flow rates.
Threaded Inlet Connection
For connectivity with assembly 1/2" male threaded inlet connection is available