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J - Jets


  • Flow Rates (lph): 13 to 52

  • Working Pressure (kg/cm²): 0.5 to 2.0

  • Wetted radius (m): 0.58 to 0.95


  • Useful for irrigation of orchards, nurseries, vineyards, green houses.
  • Suitable for irrigation of delicate plants such as flowers, vanilla, etc.
  • Suitable for irrigation of mature large trunk-trees or trees having wide spread root zone
  • Useful to maintain adequate micro environment in the canopy area.

Features & Benefits

Innovative Fan Type Spray
Fan type spray jet giving fine droplets and uniform distribution
Compact Design
Compact design manufactured from high quality polymers to achieve wear resistance and loner trouble free performance
Color Coded Nozzle
Four color coded nozzle for easy identification of flow rates
Quick Thread Technology
Fast and easy installation with quick threads technology