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Twin 160 Plus


  • Flow Rates (lpm)339.6 to 2032.2

  • Working Pressure (kg/cm²)2.0 to 7.0

  • Wetted Radius (m)25.0 to 68.5


  • Recommended for field crops like sugarcane, pulses, oil seeds, cereals, tea, coffee, vegetables, etc
  • Easy to use with portable irrigation system
  • Useful for large turfs, lawns and playgrounds

Features & Benefits

Hydraulically Designed Barrel and Taper Bore Nozzle
Excellent hydraulic design, large barrel cross section and full size taper bore nozzle allows for maximum possible throw and performance
Optional Variable Trajectory Angle Model
Optional variable trajectory angle model available which allows to change trajectory angle from 16° to 28° thus provides more uniformity even in windy conditions.
Easy Stream Break-up Adjustment
Three stream break-up frequencies can be selected manually, without tools, in order to adjust rotation speed and to optimize the water distribution.
Patented Self-Compensating Break System
Unique patented selfcompensating break system keeps overall performance constant over time.
Intermittent Dynamic Jet Breaker
Intermittent dynamic jet breaker option increases the stream diffusion which allows a more delicate irrigation for sensitive crop and provides flexibility in operation at lower pressure.
Patented Drive System
Patented drive system with excellent stream diffusion allows for smooth & steady operation.