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quick connect pe pipes


  • Suitable for portable impact overhead sprinkler, rain gun and floppy sprinkler systems.
  • Can be used for portable water supply distribution pipelines.
  • Can be used for temporary piping systems.

Features & Specifications

Specially designed various quick connect coupler ensures speedy joint and easy detachment
Smooth Inner Wall Smooth inner wall minimizes frictional losses and scaling due to precipitation
Available in Various Pressure Rating and StandardsPressure ratings - 2.5, 3.2, 4 & 6 kg/cm² as per IS 14151 & IS 4984. Manufacturing Sandards - IS14151, IS 4984, ASTM D 3035, ISO 427
Innovative Rubber SealRubber seal gives pressure tight, leak proof joints.
Close Dimensional TolerancesExcellent Characteristics of PE provided durable pipe with close dimensional tolerances
Advance Manufacturing TechnologyAdvance manufacturing technology and our experience bring the quality products in the market