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Rotoclean Gold


  • Connection Sizes (inch): 02, 2½, 03, 04

  • Nominal Flowrate (m³/hr): 25, 40, 50, 80


  • Recommended to use for water source having heavy load of algae, trash, sand and other debris.
  • Best suitable for irrigation pumping lines running on open wells, reservoirs, ponds, tanks etc.

Features & Benefits

Hydraulically Powered Spray
Hydraulically powered spray rotor continuously spray trash / debris away from the screen
Standard Pure Polyester / Epoxy coating for Protecting from Corrosion
Coated with more than 70 micron thick deep blue colored pure Polyester powder on outer surface & Epoxy coating from inner side for protection against corrosion and weather effects
Special Stainless Steel
Special stainless steel screen provided for corriosion free performance
Foot Valve Option
Can also be sypplied with Foot Valve to prevent back flow of water