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NutriCare™ ECO


  • Application for precise nutrition management of crops in open field, Green house, Research purpose etc.
  • It is best used in following irrigation techniques:
    – Drip irrigation: In open field and green house.
    – Sprinkler (Rainport ) irrigation: in open field
    – Mini/ micro sprinkler irrigation: in open field and green house.
    – Raingun irrigation: in open field.
    – Boom irrigation: In hi-tech green house.
    – Central pivot irrigation; in open field.

Features & Benefits

Adjustable flow meter To adjust injection rate, special flow meter is provided.
High Quality, Pressure & Flow Generating Booster Pump (Optional) High quality booster pump is provided to create required pressure and flow rate
Robust & Compact Aluminium Frame Easy for installation due to Light weight. Compactness consumes less space & provides aesthetic appearance
Multiple Venturi arrangement Two venturi injectors are arranged for optimum injection of fertilizers
High Quality Venturi Injector Manifold Inbuilt heavy duty & high performing venturi Injector. Quick & Easy replaceable components
Air release valve To remove the air specially designed air release valve is provided.