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Disclean™ T/L & L Filter


  • Connection Sizes (inch): 02,2½,03

  • Nominal Flowrate (m³/hr): 25,30,35,40,50

  • Maximum Oprating Pressure(kg/cm²): 08


  • Used for water filtration of drip & landscape irrigation system
  • Suitable to use where precision filtration is required like reclaimed water application.

Features & Benefits

Radially Convergent Grooved Discs Disclean® element with strong, precision engineered and radially grooved disc to provide fine three dimensional filtration.
Easy for Maintenance
Strong and smooth opening, drip-tight SS clamp closure
T/L & T Options
T/L Filter : Single inlet & two outlet;
T - Filter : Single inlet & Single Outlet
Spiral flow arrangement prolongs flushing.
Note : Disclean Filters without Spindisc can be supplied on
Choice of Filtration Degree Colour Codes for disc:
Blue: 50 micron,
Orange: 100 micron,
Red: 130 micron,
Green: 200 micron,
Purple: 600 micron