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Jain PVC Ball Valves® - DU


  • Sizes (mm): 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63 ,75, 90


  • Used for flow control in irrigation & water supply lines

Features & Benefits

Compact Double Union (DU) Design
Compact Double Union (DU) design, manufactured from high performance rigid uPVC compound
Chemical Resistant Nitrile Rubber-O-Rings
Chemical resistant nitrile rubber- O-rings ensures leak proof operation for longer period
Easy to Install and Dismantle
Two union nuts provided for both ends provides easiness to install and dismantle valve
Added with Safety
Added with safety for accidental loosening of the ball is prevented
Innovative Two Types of Seat Rings
Available in two seat ring options - economical HDPE seat ring or leak resistance Teflon (PTFE) seat ring for high pressure applications
Equipped with Leak Proof Handle
Valve Stem with Stem ‘O’ ring prevents leakage from handle