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Guava - Premium

Higher yield, better profit!

Guava is classified as a nutraceutical crop rich in finer and Vitamin C content. JISL’s state of the art tissue culture laboratory is involved in the micropropagation of elite varieties of Guava that are suitable both as table varieties as well as for processing.

Features & Benefits

  • True to type
  • Robust
  • Free from Thread Blight, Root Rot, Fusarium Wilt, Nematode
  • Grown in Pathogen free, Bio-fortified, Crop specific Soilless media
  • Propagated in specially designed root protective pots
  • Strong & well developed root system
  • Tertiary hardened
  • Uniform age
  • Assured establishment, accelerated growth and uniform canopy development after field planting
  • All round and profused fruit setting
  • First crop get ready for harvest within 24-26 months
  • Yield potential 12+ MT/H*
  • Offers special discount for 6-9 months advance plant booking
  • Also available for spot buying with premium pay


  • Lucknow-49, Alahbad Safeda, Sweta, Lalit