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Aerotuber™ ST

Higher yield, better profit!

JISL has developed a unique seven tier production method this ensures disease-free, genetically pure, true to type, high yielding, uniform sized potato seed tubers. Air Aloo-ST for producing quality potato seed tubers for seed companies and/or contract growers for their own use, contract farming, commercial sale

Features & Benefits

  • Produced under soilless growing methods under environmentally controlled conditions
  • Disease & pest free
  • Purity 99.0%
  • Size 2-15 gms
  • Mature & firm tuber skin
  • >2 buds per tuber
  • axillary buds
  • Fungicide treated
  • Assured survival
  • Uniform & high germination, accelerated growth after planting
  • Suitable for early generation seed tuber production
  • Supplied in boxes (air/sea/land transportation worthy packing)


  • Processing : Kufri-Chipsona 1, Kufri-Chipsona 3, Kufri-Frysona, Lady Rosetta.
  • Table: Kufri-Khyati, Kufri-Badshah, Kufri-Lauvkar, Kufri-Surya, Kufri-Himalini, Kufri-Mohan, Kufri-Ganga, Kufri-Chandramukhi, Kufri-Lima, Kufri-Neelkanth, Kufri-Bahar, Kufri-Pukhraj, Kufri-Jyoti.