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Solar Photovoltaic module are heart of solar pv systems having technically and commercially more weightage.

Solar modules consist of solar cells, which are inter-connected in a specific series and parallel connection to achieve desired output. These cells convert the incident solar radiation into useful electricity.

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. is one of the top solar module manufacturing company in India under Domestic Content Requirement (DCR) category. We got world class state of art solar module manufacturing facility at our Jalgaon facility.

Jain Solar module Features:

  • Wide product range from 10 W to 325 Wp for all solar PV application

  • Positive power output tolerance

  • Narrow power tolerance for minimalizing losses due to module power mismatch in an array

  • Certified Salt mist and Ammonia resistance

  • Certified for PID resistance

  • AR coated high transmission textured toughened glass

  • High quality, low iron, toughened glass to ensure high light transmittance

  • Premium quality back sheet for better environmental protection

  • Premium quality encapsulation material ensuring high quality lamination

  • Robust, corrosion resistant anodised aluminium frame.

  • Manufacturing facility certified for ISO & OHSAS standard for maintaining manufacturing excellence


  • Industrial or commercial site suffering from severe power cuts

  • Remote locations where grid is not present