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Mobile solar generator trailer

Mobility increases usability, usefulness and productivity of any system. Solar System is the most promising decentralized off grid power generation system. Diesel generator is also one of popular mobile power generating system but due to maintenance cost, fuel cost and frequent fuel refilling requirement its not feasible at remote locations.

Jains have developed mobile solar generator trailer to address this problem. The mobile solar generator trailer can be designed and configured for various capacities and uses. Common uses are solar pumping system, spot lightning and short duration temporary backup power for remote locations.

Jains mobile solar generator trailer equipped with solar modules, built on solar mounting structure, solar pump with controller & accessories, lightning system etc. As per requirement batteries also can be added to system


  • Industrial or commercial site suffering from severe power cuts
  • Remote locations where grid is not present

Features & Benefits

  • Easily portable
  • Modules and structure is foldable
  • Can be configured as per requirement
  • In built remote monitoring system
  • Inbuilt space for storage of accessories and tools