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Jain Agro-Voltaic Farming

Agricultural pumps have more than 70% share among total water pump market. A solar pump is most suitable solution over conventional electrical and diesel agriculture pumps. In some cases, for installation of solar agriculture pumps, there is limited space available for installation of solar modules in field with shadow free area. In such cases, importance needs to given to both - agriculture as well as energy generation.

Jain Irrigation has innovated Agro-Voltaic concept for crop cultivation + generation of solar power within limited space using special structure. For designing of Agrovoltaic structure crop geometry, crop light requirement, installation requirement of solar module and space availability etc shall be studied in details.

This new technology promises to improve food production and reduce water use, while also creating energy and additional revenue. In this unique system, the solar panels that are assembled in-house are placed on the same land where crops are grown underneath it thereby allowing growers to harness solar energy to the fullest extent. The transparent solar modules used in AgroVoltaics consist of transparent glass or back sheet at the rear side which allows light to transmit light through it. Solar panels can be positioned in such a way so as to allow plants to receive the right amount of sunlight suitable for photosynthesis and the excess sunlight can be harvested for generation of electricity. JISL is committed to continually improving this technology involving its dedicated Research & Development team from both solar and Agricultural divisions.

JISL, being expert in agriculture, irrigation, water management and solar provides solution for customized sustainable Agro-Voltaic farming. The same concept of Agrovoltaic farming can be applied to large scale farming with grid connected plant.


  • Jains provides solution for taking three crops -Kharif, Rabi and Solar Power

Features & Benefits

  • Optimal use of natural resources: land, water & sunlight.
  • Precision farming technology integrated with Renewable Energy
  • Architecture of Solar PV panels & crop geometry ensures optimum conditions for crop growth.
  • A holistic approach to farming: Jain TC Plants, Superior Seeds, Solar Energy, Drip Irrigation, Mulching, Fertigation, Automation & Hi-Tech Horticulture Practices
  • Sub-surface drip, Sub-soil drainage, mulching & PV Panel as roof results in 99% water use efficiency
  • Lower methane emission due to Drip Irrigated Rice
  • Zero Green House Gas emission, reduces Global Warming effect and protects Ozone layer