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BIPV Transparent Modules 260-270 Wp

Transparent solar modules consist of transparent glass or back sheet at rear side which allows to transmit light through it.Jains had developed the transparent modules using high quality transparent back sheet. Glass modules are too heavy and increases the structure requirement significantly. BIPV i.e. Building Integrated Photovoltaic modules are exclusively used as basic building material like roof or glass façade in order to decorate the bundling and to harvest the energy from the same.

There are two types of modules: 160 Wp to 170 Wp & 260-270 Wp


  • Solar Green house
  • Agrovoltaic farming
  • Building facade with grid connected plant
  • Transparent canopy/ roof and Grid Connected rooftop new industrial / commercial / residential plants

Features & Benefits

  • Transparent modules
  • Coloured solar PV modules