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Jain Solar Roof-Top

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. is one of the ancient companies working in Solar Grid Connected Plants in India. Jains had installed its first solar grid connected plants in 2010-2011. Jains is one of the top and largest company for solar roof top under net metering for domestic, commercial and industrial sectors and all type of roofs. Jains have also done several projects for solar roof top captive power plants. Jains had dedicated team of experts for concept to commissioning of solar roof top plants along with liasioning of solar roof top plants.


  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Features & Benefits

  • Generates 4-4.5 units per day per kWp.
  • 10-12 Sq. meter shadow free area required per kWp.
  • Lowest per unit cost of electricity.
  • Reduces your Electricity Bill.
  • Automatic clearing of generation & consumption bills.
  • Lowest maintenance cost.
  • Get rid of investment and maintenance of battery.
  • Can run inductive loads / air conditioners etc.
  • Most appropriate power solution for green building.