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Jain Solar Drinking Water Pumps / Hand Pumps

  • Available Range: 0.5kW to 1.4kW (0.75 to 1.4hp)

There are more than 6 lacks villages in India and most of them are facing challenge of daily drinking and potable water.

Jains is the India first company to design, develop, manufacture, install and commission the solar hand pump for rural water supply in India. The range of solar hand pump is from 0.5 kW (0.75 hp) to 1.4 kW (2 hp) with head upto 90 m. These pumps are useful to provide piped water supply in remote villages; where grid power is not available. This system consists of a submersible solar pump, which is operated on energy generated by the solar PV modules. This pump is installed in the same bore well of the hand pump. The water delivered by the solar pump is transported to an overhead tank for storage and distribution and can be used as and when required in absence of power from the solar PV modules. The complete system is eco-friendly and there are no operational costs.


  • Rural drinking water supply schemes.
  • Community drinking water supply.
  • Small scale drinking water supply for colonies, schools, etc.
  • Gravity Drip Irrigation systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Solar pump and hand pump in same bore.
  • Same pump can be operated on grid during night time if required.
  • Integrated hand pump and solar pumping system both can operate.
  • Water distribution Pipeline & can be laid as per requirement.
  • The Jain Solar submersible pump is operated on energy generated by the solar PV modules.
  • No batteries are required in most cases.
  • The complete system is eco-friendly.
  • No operational cost.
  • Low maintenance.