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Jain AC Solar Pumping system

  • Available Range: 2.2kW to 7.5kW (3 to 10 hp)

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. is pioneer in solar pumping system. Jains have developed specialized Solar AC Pump which run on very irradiance and frequency. It has changeover switch to run the same pump on grid during off sun hours. Jains is manufacturing upto 3.5 kW (5 hp) pump AC pump set and solar AC pump controller in house. Jains have well established business partnerships for higher capacity solar pumps. Jains AC Solar Pumping System covers solar pumps from 0.74 kW (1 hp) to 7.5 kW(10 hp) as per MNRE requirements. Jains have also supplied solar AC pumps upto 37.3 kWp (50hp) across India.


  • Industrial or commercial site suffering from severe power cuts.
  • Remote locations where grid is not present.
  • Domestic application.
  • Drinking water supply scheme.

Features & Benefits

  • Standalone system.
  • High efficiency power electronics.
  • In built protections.
  • Wide operating voltage range provides early start in morning and late stop at evening.
  • Maintenance free sensor less dry run protection.
  • Inbuilt Data Logging and Remote Monitoring.
  • Inbuilt Remote monitoring system.
  • Wide operating voltage range.
  • Fully Automatic ON/OFF.
  • High efficiency power electronics.