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PVC End Cap

  • Product Standard: As Per IS 10124, IS 7834, DIN 8063, ISO 1452 and company standard

  • Range: 20mm to 630mm in different pressure ratings ranging from PN 4 to PN 16kg/cm2

We at Jains, believe in supplying the system rather than individual products. Its very easy to produce and supply the pipes, but supply of matching fittings is very critical. We manufacture and supply a wide variety of PVC fittings to suit the final application requirement. Apart from standard products, We also manufacture and supply a wide range of special, application specific developed fittings as per company standard or customer specifications to fulfil the end application requirements. The fittings are either injection moulded or fabricated from the pipes. PVC Fittings are manufactured as per the guidelines set by the company apart from referring to the national and international standards.

Technical Specifications

Code D
PVFEC14004 140
PVFEC16004 160
PVFEC18004 180
PVFEC20004 200
PVFEC22504 225
PVFEC25004 250
PVFEC28004 280
PVFEC31504 315
PVFEC35504 355
PVFEC40004 400