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PVC Single Wall Corrugated Pipe

  • Product Standard As Per IS 9271

  • Range Available in 80 and 100mm size

We manufacture PVC single wall corrugated pipes. These pipes are predominantly used in subsoil drainage application. Sub soil drainage systems are used to collect leachate below ground as well as used to control and direct underground water transport. It’s also used to encourage proper surface water percolation and control water levels in Airport Runways, Golf Courses, Athletic Fields, Hillside Development projects and in agricultural fields to improve soil condition.

Consequences of water logging and poor aeration in agricultural farms results in lesser plant growth and if such poor drainage conditions exist over years result in saline farms. A solution to this issue is the Sub Surface Drainage system using under- ground gravity network of Jain Corrugated Pipes where excess/surplus water which is present in the plant root zone is drained out of the farm.


  • Removal of Excess water from the soil
  • Salinity Removal and Soil fertility restoration
  • Reduction in soil water content to avoid water logging
  • Rapid removal of water from sports field for quick restart

Features & Benefits

  • The corrugated profile gives excellent flexibility to the pipe with stiffness
  • Suitable to sustain earth loads
  • Available in longer lengths / coil form, thereby reducing number of joints
  • Perforations as per IS standard giving adequate water inlet area.
  • Flexible, requires fewer fittings
  • Injection molded / fabricated fittings for said application and excellent load bearing strength of system
  • Fast installation, due to longer length of coils
  • Low cost, due to reduced weight