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PE Large Diameter Pipes

Jain PE pipes & fittings are available up to 2500mm outer diameter. PE pipes and fittings are available as per all Indian and all International Standards in PE 63, PE80 and PE100 material grades. PE large diameter pipes and fittings are used for sea water intake & outfall pipelines, river water infiltration application, replacement of open gravity canals into underground pipeline network, water & waste water pumping mains/transmission pipelines, irrigation projects, desalination and power plant projects etc.

PE as a material is very tough and inert material, hence there are no effects of surrounding aggressive soil conditions. PE pipes are light in weight, easy to handle, transport & install. The performance of PE pipes during its entire life time remains same, no scale build-up, no-erosion, no-corrosion, no effect of sunlight/UV rays if installed above ground exposed to sun.

PE pipes have many constructional advantages like, PE Pipes are lighter in weight, because of this much ease for handling during installation, PE pipes are suitable for trenchless technologies like Pipe Bursting or Horizontal Directional Drilling. Because of its flexibility, PE pipe can be shaped during its installation to curve around obstructions and angles without difficulty. Hence lesser number of fittings are required which saves cost and reduces frictional losses. Its light weight allows you to pull long assembled lengths of the pipe through long difficult tunnels under roads and structures with little effort at greatly reduced costs. These benefits and many others make it a serious contender as a sewage piping solution.


  • Lift and gravity water supply systems.
  • Urban Water Infrastructure and Supply mains pipelines
  • Urban Sewerage, Gravity Mains and Rehabilitation of Sewerage pipelines
  • Marine Intake and Outflow, Desalination, Dredging etc
  • Features & Benefits

    • Manufactured from virgin pipe grade raw materials (PE80, PE100).
    • Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance. Inert to most acidic and alkaline solutions.
    • High flow characteristics.
    • Light in Weight, Easy to handle & transport.
    • Excellent flexibility combined with strength.
    • Good abrasion resistance.
    • Smooth inner walls minimises frictional losses.
    • Excellent resistance to harsh Geological conditions.
    • Manufactured as per IS-4984, IS-14333, ISO-4427, DIN8074, ASTM D 3035, BS-6437, BS EN 12201, DN 8074/75 standards in PE-63, PE-80 and PE-100 grades.
    • Manufactured from 1000 mm to 2500 mm sizes at various pressure ratings from 2 to 16 kg/cm2 (35.5 to 227.5 psi).
    • Available in 6mtr and 12mtr lengths.