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PE House Service Connections

The demand for clean drinking water is a big challenge to municipalities worldwide. As cities continue to expand, the demand for cost-effective water supply and distribution becomes important.

The water supply system in the City is typically divided into different water supply zones, water to each zone will be supplied from one or more reservoirs. The network of pipes from each of the primary service reservoirs provides water supply in a specific geographic area. However at many places the interconnections have been made between the distribution mains from two service reservoirs. The network of leak-proof MDPE / HDPE pipes are used to supply the water to different supply zones/areas. This is the Tertiary network called the distribution system.

The water supply connections (also called House Service Connections - HSC) to each consumer are classified as non-domestic (commercial, cultural centers, industrial or institutional, Government establishments), stand posts and domestic or residential connections.

The components of the water supply system consists of pipes, fittings, House Service Connections HSC, valves, pumps, storage tanks, SCADA / monitoring & controlling systems, water meters, water treatment plants etc.


  • House Service Connections
  • Infrastructure building and Construction

Features & Benefits

  • Very smooth inner surface ensures no scaling and choking.
  • Has less friction loss and gives better flow at lower heads.
  • The pipes upto 160mm are available in 50, 100, 200 and 300 metre coils.
  • No wastage of pipe as it can be cut to requirement at site.
  • Less number of joints as the pipe is flexible and available in longer lengths.
  • 100% leak-proof, saving enormous quantities of water wasted in conventional piping system due to corroded leaky joints.
  • Easy to repair as the pipes are flexible and joiners are with union and compression type joints.
  • Easy tapping with speciality tapping joints and all relevant transition joints.
  • Tools of installation are easily available with precision made fittings.