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HDPE Pipe With Tracer Wire

B-Sure Tracer Pipe can be precisely located using the Electromagnetic Pipe Detection EPD System. An EPD requires a transmitter to directly induce a signal across the utility. The signal is then detected with a receiver. The transmission of the signal requires a conductive element and therefore, the HDPE Piping has been coextruded with a conductive tracer wire. The Wire is specially designed to withstand the corrosive and destructive effects of underground deployment. The tracer wire is designed specifically for the purpose of detecting buried utilities. A 12 SWG copper wire is used and a Poly ethylene jacket specially formulated for under ground use is extruded over it. The Wire and PE Jacket are co extruded over the HDPE Pipe. During Installation, the tracer wire is brought to the surface every 500 meters at access points like Valve boxes, Pump Stations, Pressure Reducer Stations or other covered access devices. Splices in the tracer wire shall be connected by means of a split bolt or compression type connector to ensure continuity. After installation, the tracer wire shall be tested to verify continuity of the tracer wire system and a report indicating continuity shall be submitted. For detection a Transmitter is connected to the Tracer wire at the Access point. The transmitter induces a select frequency signal in to the wire. A Detector tuned to the same frequency is moved on the ground on the pipe route and this enables precise, meter by meter location of the underground Pipe


Speedy and Safe Excavation for Maintenance and during Up Gradation Projects. With this Precise detect ability O&M becomes efficient and safer as damage to other utilities is ensured. The heavy penalties associated with damage to Gas Pipes and Telecom Cabling are also avoided. Pipe line owners can also mark own line on the ground when Multiple agencies carry out Digging and save their systems. Jain Sure Locator Pipes can be located precisely up to a depth of 5 meters in all types of Soil or concrete.