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Sewerage / Waste Water Conveyance

PE being an inert material, it is unaffected by most chemicals, be it acidic or alkaline. More than 3 decades old pipes in service are available without much damage to the piping system to prove the point. The advantage of using a single raw material without any additives for manufacturing the pipes with monolithic joints made with fusion of the pipe materials has enabled a vacuum sewerage system possible. This has reduced the burial depth as well as the diameter of the pipes used as compared to conventional gravity sewerage system leading to reduction of system cost enormously along with saving of time and CO2 emissions.

The installation or rehabilitation of a sewer system main can be significantly faster and easier with PE pipe. This is primarily due to the pipe’s lighter weight, ease of handling, and its suitability for trenchless technologies like Pipe Bursting or Horizontal Directional Drilling. Because of its flexibility, PE pipe can be shaped during its installation to curve around obstructions and angles without difficulty. Its light weight allows you to pull long assembled lengths of the pipe through long difficult tunnels under roads and structures with little effort at greatly reduced costs. These benefits and many others make it a serious contender as a sewage piping solution.


  • Sewerage
  • Effluent Conveyance & Waste Disposal Lines
  • Lining of Existing Sewerage lines
  • Chemical Conveyance
  • Dredger Pipes
  • Ash Slurry Conveyance
  • Mining – Sand Stowing
  • Air Condition Ducting.
  • Penstock pipe for Hydro-Electric Power Plants.
  • Dewatering of mines