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Disclean® – ML L Gold


  • Radially Convergent Grooved Discs Disclean® element with strong, precision engineered and radially grooved disc to provide fine three dimensional filtration. (Flow direction Out to In).
  • Special Filter Design Tangential inlet protects the screen from direct impact of sharp/angular particles
  • Easy for Maintenance Strong and smooth opening and closing for cleaning disc element
  • Standard Pure Polyester / Epoxy coating for Protecting from Corrosion Coated with more than 70 micron thick deep blue colored pure Polyester powder on outer surface & Epoxy coating from inner side for protection against corrosion and weather effects
  • Various Connection Options Available Threaded connection, Flanged connection or Easy Fix connection available
  • Draining Facility Available Drain valve position on upper & lower sides of the body provides installation flexibility
  • Mild steel construction.
  • Disc element construction allows easy cleaning under flowing water.
  • Available in standard mesh of 100 micron size. (other mesh sizes available On demand).
  • Flow direction from outside of the filtering element to inside. (Out to In)
  • Maximum operating pressure 10 kg/cm² (142 psi).
  • On demand, Disclean – ML can also be supplied with automatic flushing option.
  • Disclean – ML filter can also be supplied with stainless steel body.
  • Can be supplied in multiple batteries option.


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