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Trigon 112-105


  • Flow Rates (lph)130.2 to 903.6

  • Working Pressure (kg/cm²)2.0 to 6.0

  • Wetted Radius (m)22.1 to 52.4


  • The Trigon 112 is the only big volume gun specifically engineered for leach mining applications. Materials and components are carefully selected in order to withstand the corrosive medias used. It allows to safely leach side slopes of heaps otherwise unaccessable, maximizing the result of the leaching process. On flat leach terrain, the use of the Trigon reduces labor.
  • The Trigon 105 was designed for specific waste-water applications. It features a free flow passage to prevent clogging of liquids containing suspended particles. Most common applications are: municipality waste-water systems, effluent waters from food processing plants, treated manure, sugar factories and many others. It is also salt water resistant, for applications in more aggressive chemical conditions.

Features & Benefits

Unique Vari-Angle System
This easy to adjust device is used to adapt the stream trajectory to the required application. Lowering the trajectory angle increases the efficiency of irrigation in windy conditions and reduces odors in wastewater disposal applications. It also helps to avoid obstacles, i.e. powerlines etc.
Innovative Drive and Part Circle Mechanism
The drive arm and the part circle mechanism are strategically placed to avoid a build-up of solids which could cause a malfunction of the gun.
Hydraulically Designed Barrel and Taper Bore Nozzle
Excellent hydraulic design, large barrel cross section and full size taper bore nozzle allows for maximum possible throw and performance.
Fingertip Adjustment
User friendly for fingertip adjustment to part circle mechanism