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Drip Tape - Cap Loc Poly Joiner

Technical Specifications

Tube Size Code Bag Box
Qty. (nos.) Qty (nos.) Wt(kg) Code
12 ID DTCPJ1212 100 5500 10.5 MTO
16 ID DTCPJ1616 100 4500 11.0 MTO
22 ID DTCPJ2220 50 1800 10.0 MTO


  • It is used to connect driptape to plain lateral

Features & Benefits

  • "Tape Lock Provision: Special Cap provided to lock the thin wall thickness tube"
  • "Additional Front Barb: Additional front start barb provided to hold the tube"
  • Manufactured from tough engineering plastic
  • Non corrosive & resistant to chemicals
  • UV resistant fittings